All About Immersion Parenting


There is a growing tread of immersion parenting among today’s young parents. These principles revolve around attachment and bonding between the parent and the baby. Often people without even knowing about this concept follow this parenting. This is a very natural way of bring up one’s child.

The initial stage of baby’s growth let it be breastfeeding to bottle feeding or the first steps of the baby, this concept is built to grow a strong bond of love between the baby and the parent. There are no hard and fast rules, but there are principles that a parent should follow to deliver the best to their child, and as each baby is unique their requirement and how they need to be met are also unique. Most of these principles are so natural that they come through intuition. The principles are discussed below. 

The attachment parenting starts with the concept of giving a natural birth. Childbirth can be the most endowing moment in any mother’s life. It just now brings a baby to the world but the same moment a mother is also born, it can totally alter a woman’s life. Right from the existence of humanity women have successfully giving natural birth, it is only the exposure and misrepresentation of technology and media, that today people are so dependent on hospitals for childbirth. But, the best news is still natural birth is very much possible safely with proper preparations. The second principle is baby attachment style that is how the baby, bonds with the mother. Some of these are secure attachment, ambivalent attachment, and avoidant attachment and disorganized attachment. The best style of attachment in this is secure attachment, where the baby is secure, exploring and happy, at the same time the mother is quick, sensitive and consistent. The third principle is to breastfeed the baby. The breastfeeding here is done based on its demand and not fixed any routine or clock hours. This makes the baby choose when it needs to be fed, and gives the mother the assurance that the baby is properly fed. Breastfeeding is given so much emphasis as it is the best when compared to formulas available in the market. Each mother’s milk is specially customized to meet the nutritional requirements of her baby.

The fourth principle is positive disciplining. Though it sounds fun but it involves giving children a timeout rather than shouting on them and positively motivating them to achieve their milestones. This also makes the children less involving in tantrums.

The fifth principle is baby wearing, which involves the mother attaching the baby close to her body. Skin to skin touch of mother and baby, has a very relaxing and a healthy impact on the baby, thus, the parent attaching one’s baby to their body, there are many tested and safe ways to do this.


Reasons Why You Need To Use Solar Technology

The world becomes advanced every dayand more energy is needed every day to take care of all the wants and the needs of the humans. Most of the available ways of producing energy will cause dangerous side effects. The rate of global warming will rise and air and water pollution happens at a fast rate. If you are interested making your electrical needs easier, all that you have to do is to use solar technology. With solar technology, you are given major benefits. It will not only make your life much easier but at the same time, you are doing a favor to the mother earth and all of the organisms. Here are some of the reasons why you need to use need solar technology right away:  

Saves money on the electricity bill

You might have realized that you are spending a fortune on your electricity bill every day and you might have made your way to reduce the amount that you have to pay. One of the best choices that you make in saving money from your electricity bill is use solar technology at your home or even at your business. If you are interested in knowing all the details and what needs to be said and done in the need to better your electrical bill and the usage of it, all that you have to do is to look into solar panel quotes Perth. Once you have made the right choice of installations, the number of benefits that you are capable of gaining is sky high.When you use this technology, you will be creating a state of the art housing facilities that will boost up the quality of your living. Also, even if you are lacking in space, there is not a single reason why you have to worry because it doesn’t take space and the installations can be done without hassle.

No environmental pollution

Most of the methods of producing energy will cause major environmental issues. However, once you use reliable solar panel installation you will be creating energy for all your electrical needs without hassle. Creating energy in this manner will reduce the emission of harmful gases. The electricity that is produced is clean and green. There is no reason that you have to worry about being a threat to the environment.With the use of this technology, you can make the world a much safer place. Therefore, if you are interested in bettering the world, this is the choice that you have to make.